The WohnmobilPark Berlin

The camper park Berlin

In the Green and still right in the middle! Only few minutes to the underground and city railroad and 15 minutes non-stop in the centre. Camping at its best!
You reach us also without fine dust badge!

 Our service for you:

  • 90 parceled out spaces with enough distance to the neighbour

  • new sanitary building with under-floor heating, singles
    waschrooms and showering, as well as washing machine and dryer!

  • personal care, in the season all-day

  • on-line reservation! Up to 3 years beforehand

  • quiet and idyllic situation in the Green

  • all year round open - no flight noise!

  • Baker and only compared with supermarket

  • Snack and restaurants adjoining

  • Minishop with gas, WelcomeCard and Berlin tickets

  • Hot advertisement, and servicestation

  • certainly, closed, lights up and videosupervised

  • Stream(Current) and TV receipt on all spaces

  • an easy(simple) journey, also without environmental badge

  • labelled from departure No. 4 autobahn 111


Wonderfully conveniently in the Tegeler Flowing approx. 10,000 m ² great areas of a former tree school is got ready to a terraces-shaped arranged, green space with 90 level lawn and asphalt parking lots.

The camper park Berlin, the new top parking lot for campers in Berlin-Tegel, profited by his(its) quiet and nevertheless traffic-favorable situation not far from the autobahn 111 which runs here in the tunnel. Also we are not concerned by the flight noise of the Tegeler airport. In our taking it easy(relaxing) garden we offer you a Koi - pond with sunbathing area and grill place. Care(Supply) and disposal with the station "Saint university" of the company RWD all year round possibly! For our guests(company) of course(naturally) free of charge. Sanitary facilities with toilets, washing possibilities and shower possibilities exist in our new sanitary building, with under-floor heating. Also washing machine and tumble drier.

The connections to city railroad and underground (also at night) in the Old Town core of Tegel are to be reached(arrived) within few minutes on foot. The journey(drive) in the city centre lasts only approx. 15 minutes. You reach(arrive) the Potsdam place(space) and Friedrichstrasse without changing. Also to the dam Ku' it is only one cat's jump.

Catering trade and shopping possibilities are in immediate surroundings(area). Dogs are permitted.

And already after only one year we were chosen from of the magazine "promobil" Issue(Edition) March, 2006 to the municipality of the month. Decisively for this honouring our excellent service and the idyllic and quiet position(situation) was in Berlin. To the care(supply) and disposal a winter-steady Saint UNIVERSITY station is available to you. With our phenomenally easy(simple) traffic binding you are not only ruckzuck on the parking lot in Berlin, but also as fast in the city!

Follow also our special arrangements in the calendar of events.

Pictures of the opening party

We invite you very warmly and are glad about your visit on your top city parking lot in Berlin.

You receive registration information under 0163 - 82 51 51 3.



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since 2006!


March, 2005 opens

Anew and Importantly

updates(actualises) on 27/05/2oo8

  • Thank you, dear readers of the magazine "Mobile Pro" that place us on 7 of the best German plots have 2008.
  • We have build for you a new, ecological logical sanitation house with under-floor heating! Opening was on the 21st March. In the meantime, almost everything is ready. Only the outside sink and the info box are still absent(missing).
  • From 01.01.2008 you need for Berlin in the internal page-road ring a fine dust badge! By offence threaten 40 € and a point. But, our place(space) you reach(arrive) about the autobahn 111 also without fine dust badge.
  • For holiday and holidays appointments you use please absolutely ours On-line to reservation system!
  • Here you find the plan of our new sanitary building.

  • WebCam Berlin