Informations and Photos

The Koi garden

Spring at the koi pont

Opening times

The motor home park is all year round opened.
Journey: 10:00 to 22:00 clock
Office hours:
daily of 17:00 clock to 19:00 clock,,
from Easter to 15.10. additionally
from 10:00 to 12:00 clock


WohnmobilPark Berlin
Inh. H. Duijkers
Waidmannnsluster Damm 12 - 14
13509 Berlin (Tegel)

Call numbers

Mobil 0163 - 82 51 51 3
Tel. +4930 - 201 66 333
Fax: +4930 - 201 66 334

Place-wait with the work


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Parking bay planEnvironment map
Infos in -D-Infos in -GB-
Infos in -F-Infos in -I-

U- & S-Bahn map
withU- & S-Bahn
to the Messe
Messe map



some photos

Their idyll !
generously measured places
L - Parking bay with much distance to the neighbour
we get everyone under !
Franky the greeting dog
The large and the small place-wait
3. October - only one free space
Written off Easter/Whitsuntide/holidays
Relaxgarten Juli 2oo5
Gruppenleben auf dem Stellplatz,
Stellplatzgelände Mai 2005
Stellplatzgelände Mai 2005
L-Platz , großzüger Abstand zum Nachbar
Stellplatzgelände Mai 2005
links ein M-Stellplatz, rechts 2 Reihen L-Stellplätze
Stellplatzgelände Juli 2005
XL-Plätze auf der Terrasse
Winter 2006
Der Tempelwächter im Asiagarten

A tour by the sanitary building with the reception

Reception and sanitary building
Single wash cabs, shower, foehn station
Washing machine & More dryly
Single wash cab
Ladies WC
Single shower with under-floor heating!
WC with under-floor heating

Photo of the environment

here ' s goes long, because . . .
. . . Berlin calls !
Pariser Platz und Brandenburger Tor
Dampferanlegestelle Tegeler See
Tegeler See
Fussgänger-/Einkaufszone Tegel - 5 Minuten zu Fuß
Alt-Tegel Weg zur Seepromenade
Stadtfest in Alt-Tegel
ein "must go" - der Checkpoint Charlie
eine der vielen Strandbars an der Spree
"Sandsation" am HBf